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Vehicle Evaluation Tips:

To get an accurate appraisal of your vehicle’s value, you’ll need to visit our dealership for a professional vehicle evaluation. There are a number of things we consider when determining what your vehicle is worth such as the odometer reading, vehicle options, and the vehicle’s overall condition. Help get the maximum value for your trade-in by following these simple tips.

External Appearance

• First impressions are very important. That’s why you should consider having minor body damage, such as scratches, dents, windshield cracks, rust, etc., repaired. For more serious damage, a written estimate of repairs can help with negotiations.
• Make your vehicle look years younger with a thorough wash and wax before you visit your dealer. Be sure to use the right cleaning products and even clean the hidden areas like wheel wells and doorframes.
• Don’t forget your tires. Cleaning your tires and rims can make a real difference to your vehicle’s overall appearance.

Internal Appearance

• Take the time to give the interior a thorough vacuum and cleaning. Be sure not to neglect all the tight areas (dashboard, console, vents, etc.) where dust and dirt collects. • You may want to consider professional detailing in order to remove strong odours (like smoke or pets) and seat or carpet stains.


• Attend to any engine warning lights, engine and transmission noises, worn brakes, etc. as these may indicate costly repairs.


• Your tires should be in overall good condition with a decent amount of tread. If this is not the case, think about replacing them.

Vehicle History

• Show your pride of ownership! Bring copies of all service and repairs records to show regular maintenance.
• Mention all accidents that your vehicle may have been involved in.