Vintage Parts


The restoration of vintage vehicles requires a special degree of knowledge. By providing unique vehicle-specific production information for Canadian produced or Canadian sold GM vehicles, regardless of production location, we hope to pass along that knowledge.


If you are selling, we can provide proof positive identification for your vintage car or truck, including special options that will make your car or truck more valuable.

A GM vintage vehicle package provides the option content of your vehicle including:

  • original paint colour and interior trim colour
  • production/shipping dates
  • quantity of same model produced for sale in Canada
  • original engine number through late 1960's (if available)
  • original selling Dealer and location (if available)

This information is combined with Engineering Specifications for your specific year and vehicle line to provide a comprehensive package of production information for each car or truck.

Option details are available from 1964 to the present for most vehicle lines. Available information from 1946 to 1964 is limited to:

  • colour
  • trim
  • production/shipping dates
  • engine number
  • quantities produced for sale in Canada
  • selling Dealer (after approx. 1957)

Only production numbers are available prior to 1946 (sorry, nothing from 1939 to 1945), except for Chevrolet where Engineering Specifications are also available.

We can help identify engine numbers, and offer assistance in locating the parts you need to restore your GM car or truck to its original form.

An original equipment car is much more valuable than a clone.


If you are interested in purchasing a specific vintage GM vehicle that was originally produced or sold in Canada, you should be aware of the authenticity of the vehicle before you spend your hard-earned cash.

We can identify the low-production C.O.P.O., Z28, L78, M22, or other special interest optioned cars before you pay top dollar for a clone.

We also provide same-day call-back service for those who are contemplating making a purchase but want to make sure of what they are buying.

Call us with your Vehicle Identification (Serial) Number toll-free (in Canada) 1-888-467-6853, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EASTERN Time. (Outside Canada 1-905-440-7689).

A nominal fee applies for the research service.

We can also help you with the documentation required to export your used GM vehicle to the USA or overseas, and to import a GM vehicle to Canada.